How to remove a filter from a photo? [3 ways to remove filters]

How to remove a filter from a photo? Ever taken a great shot, added a filter to spice it up, and then found yourself missing the unfiltered original?

Maybe it was a trendy Snapchat app filter that caught your eye for a moment or an edit that now seems too much.

Removing filter from a saved photo might seem daunting, but it’s not out of reach.

Let’s walk through some steps to try and strip back those edits, aiming to remove filters.

how to remove a filter from a photo
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How do you tell there is a Snapchat filter on a photo?

To identify the presence of a filter on a Snapchat photo, you can use a keen eye.

Look for any signs of Snapchat stickers or elements that were not originally part of the picture. Pay attention to any alterations in colors, or textures.

By carefully inspecting the photo, you can discern whether a filter was indeed applied.

How to remove Snapchat filter?

Once you slap a filter on a Snapchat photo and save it, that filter’s effects are pretty much part of the picture.

It’s not like there’s an easy “undo” button to remove filters, especially with apps like Snapchat that don’t keep the unfiltered original image around.

But, with a bit of creativity, you can remove filters and work your way back toward that original look.

Remove Snapchat filters with free photo editing tools

Trying to ditch a Snapchat app filter or remove filters from other apps? Your best shot is grabbing a free photo editor.

Keep an eye out for tools like the healing brush, magic eraser tool, and those handy adjustment layers.

The healing brush tool is great for correcting small areas where the filter has altered the texture or added unwanted objects.

It works by sampling the pixels from an unaffected area and blending them over the filtered parts.

For larger areas or more uniform filters, the magic eraser tool can be helpful. It lets you selectively remove filters based on color and texture similarity.

Be cautious, though, as it can sometimes erase elements you want to keep.

Adjustment layers are another powerful feature. These tools are awesome because they let you play around with things like brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue.

If you take your time and adjust these settings just right, you can sort of cancel out the effects of the filter.

Remember, removing filter entirely is often not possible, especially with complex filters like Snapchat app face filters that alter features significantly.

The goal here is to minimize the filter’s impact and enhance the photo’s natural beauty.

Remove a filter online

In some cases, you might find online services or apps claiming to be a “Snapchat filter remover” or similar.

Exercise caution with these, as results can vary widely, and some might not be secure or respect your privacy.

The process of removing filters from photos, especially from saved photos or saved snaps on mobile devices, requires patience.

Start with subtle corrections and gradually increase your adjustments.

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Remove Snapchat filter in Photoshop

To remove a filter from a saved picture using Photoshop, follow these steps.

Begin by launching Photoshop and importing the saved image from your device.

Once you have the image open, carefully examine it to identify the filtered objects or Snapchat stickers that you want to remove.

Next, locate and select the “Magic Eraser” button in the toolbar. It typically looks like a magic wand icon.

Click on the filtered objects or stickers within the image that you wish to remove.

If the initial erasing doesn’t completely get rid of the Snapchat filters or stickers, you can use the “Layers” icon. This will allow you to work on different layers to make corrections to colors and textures.

After successfully removing the Snapchat filters or stickers to your satisfaction, save the edited image with the desired changes.

By following these steps, you can effectively remove Snapchat filters or stickers from a saved photo.

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Can you remove Snapchat filters automatically?

Removing a Snapchat face filter automatically, especially from saved photos, can be quite challenging.

Since Snapchat doesn’t typically store saved photos without the filter, the process of automated removal becomes complex.

While some AI-powered image processing tools can attempt to revert filters, the results may vary, and it might not completely restore the original image.

These AI tools analyze the filtered image and attempt to reverse the filter’s effects based on patterns, colors, and facial features.

However, due to the uniqueness of each Snapchat filter and the extent to which they alter the original image, achieving a fully automated and accurate removal can be difficult.

To increase your chances of success in removing a Snapchat face filter, it’s recommended to manually edit the image using photo editing software like Photoshop, as mentioned earlier.

This allows for more precise control and a better chance of restoring the original look.

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Can you remove a filter from an already-taken photo?

Yes, you can attempt to remove filters from a Snapchat photo using editing tools in a free photo editor. Tools like the magic eraser or color correction can help reverse some effects.

How do I remove filter on an image?

To remove Snapchat filters from an image, use a photo editing app with advanced features like a magic eraser tool.

These tools can help diminish the filter effects. Remember, the success of removing filters varies with the complexity of the filter applied.

Can you remove a filter from a saved photo on Snapchat?

Removing a filter from a saved Snapchat photo is challenging since the original unfiltered photo isn’t stored.

You could give photo editing apps a shot, especially ones with a magic eraser feature, to color correct and tone down the filter’s effects.

How do I remove filter from iPhone photos?

To remove filter from an iPhone photo, you can revert to the original if you’ve used an iPhone’s built-in filters and the photo hasn’t been saved.

For other filters, you might need to use a photo editor and editing tools to manually color correct and counteract the filter effects. Success depends on how extensively the filter has altered the original image.


In conclusion, while you might not be able to remove Snapchat filters completely and revert to the untouched original, with the right approach and tools, you can significantly reduce its impact.

Whether it’s a Snapchat photo or any other filtered image, the key is to use editing tools wisely, aiming to restore the photo’s natural charm without overcorrecting.

Remember, sometimes the beauty of photography lies in its imperfections and the stories those captured moments tell.

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